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Katsuya by Stark – Miami Beach FL (preview)

Grand Opening in early November

In the SLS Hotel South Beach 1701 Collins Avenue Miami Beach FL

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Toured September 11 2012

Acclaimed Master Sushi Chef Katsuya Uechi and Philippe Stark created this Japanese restaurant in the new SLS Hotel South Beach. Located in the former hotel ballroom space, this “stark” two-story high space is accented only by an occasional bright red chair in a sea of white chairs. Although the restaurant was not open, and there was still some detail work to be done on the room, you could get a good feeling for what the space will be like when it is open and serving sushi. In the dining space there are two large photos, one of a japanese woman with a purse and the other of a japanese man with a bowler hat. These photos have amazing detail ( look at the woman’s hands when you are there ). The most dramatic feature of the space are the eyes, the amazing eyes of a geisha above the sushi bar – a brilliant touch.

I cannot review the quality of the sushi, as the restaurant was not open at the time of our tour, but I look forward to going back after the Grand Opening.

The SLS Hotel South Beach (link to my blog post)

Katsuya Website


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