Experiencing Great Restaurants and Delicious Libations

FortyTwo – Little Rock AR

Visited April 26, 2013

Located in the William J. Clinton Presidential Center

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The Cafe in the Clinton Presidential Center is on the lower level, through a pair of very official looking doors. The dining room is an open and airy room with a ceiling that slopes slightly up to the all glass end wall. Through the glass wall is an outdoor seating area below the cantilevered museum. There is a great view of the old railroad bridge, if only the weather was better I would have had lunch outside. The menu was more elaborate than I expected, with unusual ingredientsĀ and combinations. Although the room was fairly simple, the white linen tablecloths and nice crystal made it feel as special as the menu items. I even splurged for dessert – I was on vacation. The lemon mousse was as good as it looked.

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