Experiencing Great Restaurants and Delicious Libations

The Hive – Bentonville AR

Visited April 27-30 2013

Located in the 21c Museum Hotel, Bentonville AR

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The Hive lounge and dining room are an extension of the 21c Museum Hotel’s gallery display space.  Among the paintings, sculpture and photos on the wall, it also appears to be the display space for the “artsy” guests in the hotel. It was full on a saturday night, overflowing into the breakout space of the banquet / special events room.

The drinks are professionally prepared by top notch bartenders ( with one exception – an obnoxious guy that thought he was funny, and nobody else did). The food was really good, although the menu is somewhat limited in selection. First night I had skate, I thought it was a little overcooked. The second night I had salmon, perfectly prepared. Both nights I had the Cavatelli appetizer, which was prepared differently each night (first night was better with the wide parm shaving over the top). Dessert was a chocolate smorgasbord on a plate.

The artwork is impressive, and I did not realize how impressive until the second night I had a chance to look more closely at the pieces. The Rhino is made of wooden matchsticks, the moose is made of table legs, and the tiger is a “time-lapse” sculpture made of construction barrels.

I recommend staying for several nights, you will appreciate the drinks, the food and the artwork much more.

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