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Eleven at Crystal Bridges – Bentonville AR

in the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

600 Museum Way Bentonville AR

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I am going out on a limb and saying that this must be the most expensive building ever built for a museum cafeteria. It spans the river (forming one of the Crystal Bridges), with tension cables holding up the wood arched roof framing spaced far enough apart to put bands of skylights between them The side walls are frameless glass panels inset into the floor spanning up to the underside of the wood arches beams. Smaller glass pieces angle out in-between the wood arched frames to complete the enclosure.

Serving hamburgers, fries, ice cream, chicken salad fruit plate, and other cafeteria food. You place your order and are given a plastic card with a number on it that you are instructed to place in the metal stand in the middle of your table. Runners bring your food to the table when it is ready. What a juxtaposition sitting in the spectacular space that must have cost tens of millions of dollars.

Oh, yes the chicken salad and fruit plate was good.

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Eleven at Crystal Bridges Website

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