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Two James Spirits – Detroit MI

In Detroit’s Historic Corktown Neighborhood

2445 Michigan Avenue, Detroit MI

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Visited December 20, 2013

Two James Spirits it “the first licensed distillery in Detroit since Prohibition”.  The brand is named after two of the partner’s fathers, both named James.

They have opened a tasting room serving drinks mixed with their Two James Vodka, Gin and Bourbon adjacent to the production facility. The tasting room has a great round polished concrete bar with their spirits on display on the round pedestal in the center.  You can look through empty barrels in the wall separating the tasting room from the production room and get a glimpse of the shiny 500 gallon copper pot still. Their website says tours are available, which I will have to check out soon. The night I was there the tasting room was far too busy to inquire about the tours.

Although the “tasting room” feels like a craft cocktail bar ( and the craft cocktails are delicious) , it is really a beautifully designed liquor store tempting you to buy bottles of their spirits lined up like soldiers on shelves on the back wall  (which of course I did)…

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