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Nobu – Las Vegas NV

Celebrity Chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa

Located in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas NV

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Visited January 24 2014

Never have I spent so much for so little food…and left so unbelievably happy and satisfied!

The food’s presentation, flavors, textures, and the overall dining experience was worthy of the Nobu buzz I have heard over the years. It was excellent. I had the Ceviche Taco, Scallop Tempura, Black Cod with Miso, and a flan-like dessert (the details escape me). Although everything was exceptionally bright and flavorful, the Cod was the star. The Miso glaze formed a slight sweet crunch. Armed only with chopsticks, the sections of the fish fillet separated with a light touch, but were firm enough to pick up easily with the chopsticks. It was perfectly prepared.

The staff was very attentive, and always seemed to arrive at my table exactly at the right time – as if they were reading my mind. They were everywhere and purposefully moving through the dining room constantly. When a stray edamame fell from my bowl onto my table top, within seconds a staff member walked by with a napkin in hand and whisked it away without breaking stride.  A waiter delivered drinks to a nearby table with a tray, and held the tray behind his back as he was discussing the menu with the patrons, and the next waiter that walked by grabbed it and took it away, like a relay race baton.

The only thing about my experience that I wasn’t exceedingly impressed with was the design of the restaurant. Don’t misunderstand, it is a very, very nice room, but the backlit shoji screen ceiling and bamboo wall dividers were predictable.  The tree trunk columns with jaggedly arranged wood stick branches were interesting, but not nearly as interesting as food served. I am glad that the food is the focus here, but the environment could have been more creative and subtly executed to enhance the overall dining experience.

I have been looking forward to dining at Nobu, and it did not disappoint. Excellent, Excellent, Excellent.

Nobu’s Hard Rock Las Vegas Website


FireFly* Tapas Kitchen & Bar – Las Vegas NV

3824 Paradise Road, Las Vegas NV

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One of my favorite restaurants in Vegas. It is just off the strip.  I never would have known about it if I had not been introduced to it by a local while I was working on a project in Vegas. It is not in one of the big casinos, and was not started by one of the famous celebrity chefs ( although the chef should be, as his food certainly is famous!). It is more than worth the really short cab ride.

It has an extensive menu of Spanish Tapas of all sorts, priced very reasonably. Also a nice wine and drink list. I recommend the cheaper of the two Spanish Tempranillo’s  by the glass – it is delicious!

Everything I have had there has been interesting and delicious. This trip I started with the Apple and Manchego Salad with smoked almonds.  The Spicy Beef Salad with filet mignon, orange-soy dressing, romaine, pickled cuke & watermelon radish, and salsa verde was my main course – and it was spicy and good. And of course I had to order the stuffed dates which are legendary. They are  wrapped in bacon with smoked almonds, bleu cheese and a red wine reduction. When I told a friend I was heading to Vegas – the first thing they said was “you have to get the dates at FireFly*”….which I did.

Located on Paradise Road south of Sands Ave.

Craft Work – Detroit MI

In the Historic West Village Neighborhood

8047 Agnes Street, Detroit MI 48214

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