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Wolfgang Puck Pizzeria & Cucina – Las Vegas NV

in Crystals at CityCenter Las Vegas

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Visited January 26 2014

Negroni, Baby Kale, Crispy Cauliflower, Boneless Beef Shortribs on Barley (prepared in risotto style).

With this visit to Crystals, I have been very fortunate to have dined at every Wolfgang Puck restaurant in Las Vegas over the last 5 years.

The Wolfgang Puck restaurant designs, menus and attitude are all unique to their individual locations. Some are more casual, some more sophisticated, some with burgers, others with Waygu Filets, some with cafe seating, others with private dining rooms. What is consistent in all of his restaurants is the quality of the food and staff. The food served has been very good in every case, whether from the cafe menus or the fine dining menus. The interaction I have had with the staff shows that they must have a very effective training program, or they have been very lucky in hiring excellent people (and luck is hard to come by in Vegas). The hosts, servers, bartenders and even bussing staff have been friendly, efficient, informative, and just overall very good at their roles in providing an excellent dining experience for their guests.

The Wolfgang Puck Pizzeria & Cuchina in Crystals was no exception (not that I had any doubt). Although much of the dining and bar is in the voluminous open area of the Crystals mall atrium, it has a comfortable feel with the interior design elements overhead. I dined at the bar, and the bartender suggested one of the specials, the boneless beef short ribs. Although I had reviewed their menu before I arrived and preselected what I thought I wanted for dinner, I took a chance and ordered the special. It was very special indeed. I have learned that at Wolfgang Puck’s restaurants, you can trust the waitstaff and bartenders.

The Wolfgang Puck Pizzeria & Cuchina website

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