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Wright & Company – Detroit MI – Update

Revisited Friday July 25, 2014  –  Their First Friday

1500 Woodward Ave. 2nd Floor, Detroit MI

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The chandelier is up, the dining room is packed, the bartenders are shaking cocktails –  it is Wright & Co.’s first Friday open. Bravo to the staff.

I had to come back to try some of the other menu items that I didn’t get to try on Monday. Nothing disappointed. The Pork Belly sliders were really good, the sriracha chicken skewers were spicy, the potato chips were unusual and delicious, and the teres major medium rare was exceptional.

This will be one of my favorite places for both dinner or just a perfect drink. The small plates can be a light meal or a few can be a satisfying dinner. They have Hibiki 12 year, my favorite Japanese whisky, and as expected they have there own craft cocktail list. You can get almost anything you want – except olives for a martini, but no worries the citrus twist worked just fine (and yes Jason made another unique citrus garnish).

Click here for my Opening Night review and photos

Click here for the Wright & Co. Facebook page

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