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Dime Store – Detroit MI

In Chrysler House (The Dime Building) Detroit MI

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Visited October 17 2014

I had dinner with friends on my first visit to the Dime Store, a new restaurant and bar in Detroit. It is in an interesting, fun and casual space in the Chrysler House (The Dime Building).  We had a varied selection from the menu which is mostly sandwiches, salads and sides. I had the Cauliflower Gruyere soup and the Beet & Squash sandwich. Both I do highly recommend.

The decor is a fun concoction of old chairs ,coffee makers; neon script and chalkboard art. Chunky nugget glass pendant lights hang from a spagetti mess of cords.  An Eisenhower poster and yellow mesh drapes make the “private” dining room unique. Tables along the large windows offer a great view of the sidewalk and street – it is great to see lots of people walking around downtown Detroit.

It is also open for breakfast. The menu looks great… if only I worked downtown.

Visit the Dime Store Website

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One response

  1. I just visited and blogged about this today! Ha! I loved it!

    October 18, 2014 at 6:13 pm

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