Experiencing Great Restaurants and Delicious Libations

Cafe 78 – Detroit MI

Grand Opening February 6, 2015

Located in MOCAD, the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit

4454 Woodward Avenue, Detroit MI 48201

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The Grand Opening of Cafe 78 was in conjunction with the Winter 2015 Opening of the MOCAD galleries.

Under the detail-oriented direction of Dave Kwiatkowski (Sugarhouse, Wright & Co.) and with the delicious-oriented food of Marc Djozlija (Wolfgang Puck, Wright & Co.) Cafe 78 is a great artistic addition to Detroit’s Museum of Contemporary Art.

Opening night was a big party. Chef Marc’s food plates came out of the amazingly small kitchen and looked great. I did not eat there on opening night as I was just in time for the artist’s gallery tour. My plan was to go back the next day for dinner when I could sample things in a quieter atmosphere. I arrived on Saturday night after the museum had closed – and just before the cafe opened. A very quiet atmosphere is what I got, as I was the only customer in the room. What I did not realize was for the first weekend they had limited hours – and no food, with Marc back in the Wright & Co. kitchen. I will be back to have dinner as the menu looked great.

The craft cocktails (as you would expect from Sugarhouse and Wright & Co. trained bartenders) were creative, delicious and colorful. As the Cafe is in a contemporary art museum, color is the key in the presentation of these artistic cocktails. The craft cocktail menu is color coded,  matching Pantone colors to each of the drinks.  A fun tie-in to the museum setting, but don’t worry if you think these drinks were only concocted for the colors. I have “tested” 3 of the drinks, and can assure you that they are some of the most delicious drinks around town, color aside.

I cannot wait go go back and have dinner there, and will probably test another colorful drink.


I had the pleasure of tasting a few items on Chef Marc’s menu. I stopped in on a cold night and had the Celery Soup, Pea Meal Bacon Sliders and the Morrocan Spiced Roasted Cashews. All were good, in fact very good. In my mind I was thinking the celery soup would be bland, but it was really flavorful with the creme fraiche and crunchy garlic croutons. The pea meal sliders were a nice change from beef burgers, and all of the ingredients were very fresh. The Cashews with “morrocan spiced dust” were tasty, in some bites near the edge of my spice limit…but did not go past it. Even though I did not want to stop eating them, I was somewhat surprised at the ample serving size for the price (I had just purchased cashews at the grocery store). I was able to take some home and enjoy them the next day.


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