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Chartreuse Kitchen & Cocktails – Detroit

In the Park Shelton Building

15 E. Kirby at Woodward Avenue, Detroit MI

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Visited May 22, 2015

Detroit’s string of excellent, exciting, high quality new restaurant openings continues with Chartreuse Kitchen & Cocktails.

Upon hearing that the interior was going to be “Chartreuse Green” I thought it was a gimmick – fun for one visit but would have no reason to go back.

I was so wrong. The interior is green, very green – Chartreuse green, slightly darker green, slightly lighter green, green walls, green upholstery in leather and ultra suede, the menus are printed in green ink, and even the plants are green (oh, yea). You know what, somehow it works, it inconceivably works.

We sat on the green sofa, in front of the green wall, next to the green hanging live plant display – and had a most delicious assortment of fresh interesting dishes and craft cocktails (yes, most of our cocktails were made with chartreuse).

The service was very precise, professional and friendly. The Recovery Park vegetable plate was fantastic. We also sampled the Twice Cooked Egg, Smoked Skuna Bay Salmon, Short-Rib Perogies, and Lake Superior Whitefish. It was all great, to the last green bean on the Whitefish plate.

This visit we didn’t have a reservation. I can’t wait to go back when we can sit at a table and really enjoy the experience. By the buzz in the room, and the smiles on the faces, a table might be hard to get for quite awhile. Based on the food, it will be worth the challenge.

Chartreuse Kitchen & Cocktails Website

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