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Chirba Chirba Dumpling Food Truck – Durham NC

Located around the Durham-Raleigh area.

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Prior to my visit to Durham NC, I searched the internet for the best restaurants in the area. I was intrigued by several references to a dumpling food truck called “Chirba Chirba” and their “award winning” and “Best of Durham” dumplings. The Durham Convention and Visitor’s bureau website lists Chirba Chirba Dumplings as the 2015 Best Food Truck, and the TV show “My Family Recipe” made Chirba Chirba the subject of an episode.

With all of these glowing recommendations, I had to find this truck…and I did!  On Saturday morning I logged into the Chirba Chirba website and found out the truck would be at the Saturday farmer’s market at Durham Central Market. It was just a few blocks from my hotel, and I got there just before the market was over. I ordered the 6 piece Braised Beef Dumplings. They were small pillows of deliciousness (if that’s a word), and I ate every last one of them before I remembered to take a photo.

Not that this makes me any kind of dumpling expert, but I did live in China for four months and had my share of Dim Sum over there. I can say that this little yellow truck’s dumplings were among the best I have had on both sides of the international date line.

The next morning I saw that Chirba Chirba was again going to be at the Durham Central Market, so ventured over to order some more – and take a photo this time. What I saw was the biggest assembly of food trucks I had ever seen, and there was Chirba Chirba at the end of the row with the biggest line of any truck there by far. I opted not to wait inline, so you get no photo – but from the long line (and my experience the day before) you shouldn’t need a photo to tempt you to search for Chirba Chirba if you are anywhere near Durham. You will not be disappointed.


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