Experiencing Great Restaurants and Delicious Libations

Revolution – Durham NC

107 West Main Street, Durham NC

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Visited Saturday September 5, 2015

Revolution was one of the trailblazing fine food restaurants in downtown Durham. It  has been joined by several others making downtown a great place to stay with many dinner choices.

What initially caught my eye walking by was the tapestry wall next to the bar, which turned out to be a beautiful mosaic tile installation. The large bar has a zig-zag configuration breaking up the line of seats. I was there labor day weekend, and discovered that most locals go to their atlantic beach cottages for the final summer weekend. This meant that I did not have to wait for a table and had the staffs undivided attention.

The drinks were created by a well trained bartender. The kitchen, although behind a wall, you could still see the preparation on 3 tv screens. Overhead cameras conveyed the cleanliness of the kitchen and precise prep knife work of the chefs – slicing, dicing, and chopping. This provided a virtual open kitchen experience.

The food was very good, the salmon was perfect. It was a memorable dinner. Next time I am in town I will definitely be back.

Revolution Website


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