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Sage – Las Vegas NV

Aria Resort

Visited January 2017

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Aria Resort and Casino in City Center, Las Vegas

Shawn McClain, Chef

Sage is one of the original restaurants in the Aria Resort and Casino in CityCenter Las Vegas. This trip was the first time I was able to have dinner at Sage. I have always been impressed by the restaurant design. The bar and lounge visible from the entrance and through a couple of windows open to the main lobby of Aria is a stunner. The high ceilings, the long bar with a long row of simple pendant fixtures suspended over the bar set the scene for an elegant experience. The back bar has a great selection of whiskeys and bourbons presented in a simple tryptic framed display are flanked by grand oversized european art scenes illuminated with a brilliant glow in a purple hue. The only element that I thought did not feel right was the size of the chandeliers above the dining space in the lounge. They are too small.

I had not realized that there was a separate spacious main dining room tucked away beyond. It has a similar elegant vibe, repeating the elements from the bar/lounge with the purple hued art pieces…and chandeliers that are too small.

I started with a Sazarac cocktail and sat back and enjoyed the room. I knew I was going to have a great meal in this room.

I started with the Wagyu Beef Tartare with crushed caper aioli, slow poached egg and crispy chocolate. Looked great, tasted great. (note that the photos do not show how beautiful the dishes were due to my camera picking up the purple hue from the adjacent artwork) – I try to be as unobtrusive as I can be when I take photos and never use the flash, respecting the environment and the other patrons)

For my entree, I selected the Spice Crusted Venison Loin with salsify, licorice and black trumpet mushrooms. Another perfectly prepared dish that tasted equally perfect.

For dessert I knew going in that Sage also has a good absinthe selection, with all of the appropriate accoutrement. I selected a California absinthe with a flavor profile in the anise and herbal range. A subtle nice way to end the dinner.